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In 1964 Bonnie Bennett bought her first registered filly for $600.00.  The weanling from was purchased from rancher and quarter horse breeder, Joe Schomer.

Sired by Super One, out of a Rudy Ashwood mare, Scotch Slippers became one of the founding dams for the Bonnie Bennett Quarter Horse business.  The bloodlines of Super One, Super Cash, Roan Slippers, and Rudy Ashwood still remain in the bloodlines of the horses today.  These were FOUNDATION Quarter Horses, long before there was a need to label them.  Bonnie, who didn't need a label, said they were what they were - Quarter Horses!!!

Over the years, Bonnie integrated bloodlines of Perty Buck, Skipper W, King, Blonde's Dude, Blackburn and Crowned Okie, (son of Doc's Okie Quitoxe) who sired foals 97% foundation, such as Okie Blackburn.

OKIE BLACKBURN and 6 mares were gifted to Deb from her mom in the late 90’s and she has kept several daughters from these mares.

Bonnie passed away in 2001. Her two daughters (Deb and Faye) took ownership of the horse band, consisting of 60 plus mares and stallions including Sandy Cue Tivio, Mr. Poco Blackburn, Crowned Okie, Captain Jesse Bueno, and Mr. Crowned Poco.  In 2007 Faye had a full dispersion sale making Deb the only one continuing on with these bloodlines.


Deb purchased SANDY CUE TIVIO on that sale along with a few mares and added them to her herd.  Deb’s horse band consisted of horses she had raised and some from Bonnie’s original horse band that Deb had been fortunate enough to acquire.  Deb then added her own cross of Blackburn and Poco Tivio to the herd.  Her mare band now consists of daughters, granddaughters, and great granddaughters of Jim Hank Jr (a triple bred King stallion that was raised by Bonnie), Mr Poco Blackburn, Fine Sunday Dude, and Crowned Okie.

Ms Goldie Blackburn (a granddaughter of Mr Poco Blackburn that was raised by Bonnie) has been an awesome dam, raising one after another of outstanding foals all sired by Okie Blackburn.  Her top foal of them all is MR SKIPPIT POCO whom Deb raised.  Deb comments often that she can see her Mom smiling down on him and saying “what a remarkable resemblance to Mr Poco Blackburn he is.  Job well done!!!”



It is with great pride and admiration that

I am able to continue this elite set of outstanding:



The things that have remained the same in these horses for almost 50 years, are their great minds, gentle dispositions, confirmation, athletic ability, cow sense, and above all, their dependability.  Reindl Quarter Horses is located 20 miles South of I-90, with rolling hills and river breaks, this horse band runs in some of the finest grassland in south central South Dakota. Private treaty sales are available year round, coffee’s always on, and although I’m not the “pedigree woman” my mother was, I’m always available for a fine conversation about anything HORSE.     


Deb Reindl/Reindl Quarter Horses.

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